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Business law is more than just the deals you make—it’s about the legal decisions you make during the life cycle of your business. Creating, developing and selling your business involves a web of legal matters that can affect everything from your tax liability to your control of how the business runs.

Veritas Business Law, LLC represents and advises businesses of all sizes in the Portland area and beyond, from sole-proprietary and family-owned concerns through to large public companies. Our attorneys advise and guide clients on a broad range of business transaction and litigation issues. We tailor our business law offering to your needs, providing responsive, dependable, and professional services based on two decades of experience in Portland’s business community and court system.


Transactions between businesses and with individuals form the core of any business. Contracts are key to virtually every business transaction you make, and Veritas Business Law, LLC has extensive experience in drafting clear, air-tight contracts that leave little to interpretation. The details you cover now in contracts ensure that you minimize the distraction caused by disputes and possible litigation. Your products or service offering—indeed your business as a whole—deserves nothing less than to have your transaction documented in a way that fully protects your interests.


When it comes to business litigation, the more that can be left out of court, the better. Disputes that end up being litigated—whether necessarily or not—can draw away time, money and other resources away from growing your business. That’s why Veritas Business Law, LLC bases its litigation strategy on initially trying to reduce cost and stress via mediation and arbitration. But if necessary, we’ll take a case to court and put everything we have into protecting your rights.

Here to Help

Along with the growth of Portland’s business community comes the need for every business owner to be able to handle transaction and litigation issues in a way that keeps everyone focused on development instead of disputes. Veritas Business Law, LLC brings to the table 20 years of experience advising and representing businesses and individuals–we specialize in taking care of the details.

Veritas Business Law, LLC is ready to help you with advice and representation for your business law needs in the Portland area. If you’re facing a complex transaction or a potential litigation issue, call our office today at (503) 207-0205 to schedule a free consultation.