Detail-Oriented Attorney Services With Portland Transactions

Transactions are what business is about—including those that happen between businesses. Any transaction that involves your business or your products or service offering in Portland needs to be documented in a contract that’s practical and protects your interest.

Diligence Now Saves Time and Money Later

The quality work that Veritas Law Firm LLC attorneys invest into writing your contract at the beginning of a transaction saves you time and money that you would pour into resolving disputes that arise later due to any ambiguity in your agreement. Tightly written contracts allow you to keep your eyes on business development instead of getting distracted by litigation.

Whether your transaction involves licensing your product or technology, acquiring or merging with another business, buying or selling location property or otherwise affecting your business structure, you’re best served by an experienced business law firm that knows how to write up an air-tight contract.

We’re Here to Help

At Veritas Law Firm LLC, we absorb your business objectives and reflect them in the way we structure your transaction agreements. Our strategy is simple: we draft clear contracts that address a wide range of possible contingencies in all kinds of transactions, including license agreements, business acquisitions and mergers, property and real estate transactions, buy and sell agreements, franchise creation, and corporate formation.

Veritas Business Law, LLC can put together contracts that align your transactions tightly with your business goals. If you need to make sure your agreement leaves nothing to the imagination, call our office today at (503) 207-0205 to schedule a free consultation.