Portland Intellectual Property, Business Law, and Other Client Testimonials

Ted was very helpful in determining a path forward. While I did not get the answer I wanted, I did get the answer I needed to hear. I will gladly do business with Veritas Business Law again.

Duane Fournier


When an auto-mechanic informed me (after months of me using public transit) that the engine needed to fix my car was not available, I asked for a refund. The auto mechanic refused to give me my money back, and refused to let me retrieve my vehicle. After I contacted the BBB, the auto mechanic damaged my car intentionally, and parked it next to a fire hydrant.

I’ve never had to sue somebody before. But, there really was no alternative besides foregoing the thousands of dollars I had paid, and my vehicle.

After searching, I decided to go with Veritas Business Law.

I’m so glad that I made this decision. Every step of the way, I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed with Ted’s professionalism, integrity, and fortitude.

He is consistently on the ball. Every time there has been a court appearance, he made sure I knew about it, and he’s always been there, on time, and ready to get it done.

In the courtroom, he has been a zealous advocate. Often times, I was grateful the court appearance was telephonic because the look on my face of pure astonishment of Ted’s articulation of arguments was better not displayed in public.

I hope and pray that I never need an attorney again. But, if I do, and if I need a lawyer for a business related issue, I know exactly whom to call.

Thank you to Mr. Ted Roe for your hard work, integrity, professionalism, and kindness. You’re my hero!



We had a contract problem that we didn’t understand and reached out to Vertitas for help. They responded right away and gave us the help we needed to make an important business decision. We are thankful and highly recommend them!

Janell Lee PDX


Very professional and knowledgeable. Very eager to help

Al Hilenski


Having to hire an attorney can be stressful. I’m glad we hired Veritas Business Law. Ted has handled everything that’s come up, which has allowed me to continue running my business without added stress. I appreciate how trustworthy, reliable, and punctual he’s been throughout our interactions. If I’m in need of a lawyer, I’ll definitely be working with Ted in the future.



Veritas Business Law was absolutely incredible. They educated me as to my options and helped me make decisions that were best for me. I was always kept informed and and Ted explained the legal aspects that I didn’t understand so that I felt comfortable making decisions. The outcome they got was really more than I could have hoped for. I recommend Veritas without hesitation. Their advise and professionalism was outstanding and I will definitely use them again when I have the need for an attorney. Thank you!

Nel Alma


Veritas Business Law, Ted Roe, has provided legal expertise and services spanning numerous milestones for my new business. My woman- and minority-owned business was started to support and celebrate professionals and encourage underrepresented communities to boldly and unabashedly participate in/contribute to the swath of industries developing and utilizing cutting edge technology.

From 20yrs of project/program management experience, I am highly attuned to communication styles and the conveyed sentiments. Ted has been very attentive to my endeavors and promptly responds to updates and matters at hand. He’s a fount of knowledge as he educates and informs me about my options in a way that is empowering, which is refreshing.

Based on my direct experiences with Ted, I would highly recommend Veritas Business Law.

Shenika Felix


Ted Roe helped us with a petty matter that was brought up by another party. He was very professional, on point with his responses, and called them out on their meritless claims when corresponding with the other party. Very happy with our outcome, and extremely happy we used him to help resolve the issue.

Nicole De Freitas


We worked with Ted. From the very beginning, he was always patient and walked us through any issues we had. We are greatly appreciative for all the support. Veritas provides high quality business & we strongly advise anyone to check them out.

Linh Do


I wholeheartedly recommend Veritas Business Law. When a difficult situation presented itself we needed help and Veritas Business Law was there for us. We are very happy with the solution. Thank you Ted we will certainly use you for legal representation in the future.

Byron Roe


It was a great experience working with VERITAS BUSINESS LAW, Portland, Oregon. Even if there were obstacles here and there, the agent from VERITAS BUSINESS LAW knows all the tricks to get the trademark applied for. My big thanks go to VERITAS BUSINESS LAW for the great job..

Ida Smith


As a small business owner, I was unexpectedly served with a lawsuit. As this had never happened in over 8 years of being in business, I knew I needed to act quickly to protect my company. I Googled reputable business law attorney’s in the areas and Ted Roe with Veritas Business Law came up on the first page. The excellent reviews compelled me to reach out right then and there, and to my surprise, Ted answered directly.

Ted wasted NO TIME contacting the opposing party to let them know I was being represented by him. His counsel was impeccable throughout the whole process! Ted was intentional about keeping me informed during the whole process and took the time to explain complex legal terms in a concise and non-jargon way, which I greatly appreciated. I am VERY pleased with the outcome of the case. In sum, if you are looking for an aggressive, dogmatic, thorough, and knowledgeable attorney who leads with integrity, Ted Roe is your guy!!!

Nikki Torres


Ted is a wonderful lawyer. He’s professional, experienced and attentive. When I came to him with an issue with our home, he took time to listen to all of our pain points and really understand the case at hand. The same goes for some issues I encountered with an employer. He knew exactly how to help me and did so flawlessly.

If anytime in the future I find myself needing legal services again, there is no doubt I will be hiring him for the job.

Megan Lems


Ted Roe was straightforward with me. He responded quickly to my calls, gave me unbiased advice, and once I made a decision he never tried to pressure or persuade me. I would gladly call him again if I need legal help.

Matthew Schulman


I really can’t say enough about Ted Roe. He took on our case when other attorney’s wouldn’t. He was very communicative, diligent and more importantly, successful beyond our expectations. I highly recommend him if you want someone who is passionate about what they do.

Rene Randall


Ted Roe was “head & shoulders” above the numerous attorneys that I spoke with, regarding a highly complex case. He grasped the issues readily and provided effective/ sound advice with ease. I would definitely recommend Ted!

Steve Haddix


Ted was diligent and through he was a wonderful help and I will always recommend him and his company.

Chane England


It’s never easy being in a business situation where you finally realize that you need a lawyer. Ted Roe answered our call quickly. He was very knowledgeable as to what it takes to solve my business dispute. He lead with a charge and had a passion to prevail. He listened to our needs and dug for answers to our problems. We found Ted to be understanding, quick responding, and extremely helpful with our problems.

Tiffany Trader


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Ted was able to help me understand my legal rights, and the laws around them, when an unexpected situation presented itself to me and my small business. He also helped me figure out some of the options I had moving forward. After my consultation with Ted I felt much more confident and was able to make informed choices. Thank you!

Jeanine VanSise


Like most people this was one of the only times I’ve ever had to talk to a lawyer. I had a contract dispute involving my business and I was stressed and worried but Ted explained everything to me in a way that I could understand and put me at ease.

He took over immediately and eliminated a lot of the stress and before I knew it, he had resolved the dispute for more than I originally wanted. I’ve also gotten trademark advice from him and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good lawyer who will really take care of you. If I ever need a lawyer again, I’m calling Veritas.

Jamie O’Neil


Ted is the best! He made everything so much easier for me to understand. And when it comes to results, WOW! I could not be happier! He always answered my questions and never took more than a day to get back to me. I would be happy to hire Ted and Veritas again if ever I need a lawyer. 100% recommend!

Sara Hopkins


Ted Roe has represented this clinic for many years, and his advice and counsel have always proven beneficial and insightful. He works diligently to protect his clients and guide them with honest, concise, and effective legal advice. I highly recommend him for any business seeking to protect their place in the professional arena while assuring compliance with the standards of legal expectations.

Sylvan Chiropractic


We are a broadcasting group with radio stations throughout the US. When we needed local representation in Oregon, in an action against an advertiser, we contacted Ted. The lawsuit was disputed by the advertiser and he made contract and constitutional arguments against us, but Ted did an incredible job and prevailed 100% for us. We could not have been happier and wholeheartedly recommend his firm without reservation.

Don Beasley


Ted has helped our photography business out in many areas. From helping to create an LLC to copyright work we’ve always felt our company is protected and safe with Ted’s guidance. Easy to work with!

Byron Roe


Smart, passionate and plain spoken. Ted took something very complicated and made it easy to understand. If I ever need a lawyer again, my first call will be to Ted at Veritas. Thank you!

Audrey Jacobs


I highly recommend Veritas Business Law. They were easy to communicate with, professional, and were able to help me produce the legal documents I needed to get my business up and running.

Rachelle Hutchinson


Passionate lawyer and great customer service! Thank you, Ted!

Wendy Roe


I was in a boat accident a few years ago, which was caused by the other party’s misjudgment. I did not have any insurance on my boat, as it is a small sailboat without motor, which does not require insurance. The other boat was a powerboat, and was insured. Although I made it clear, as best I could, why it was not my fault, their insurance company insisted for months that I should pay for their repair cost and threatened to sue me. I contacted Ted for help. Ted, after a few days of careful research, wrote one letter to the insurance company, which completely silenced them. I never hear from them again. His letter had stringent wordings but well-reasoned, I recall.

Jean Chung


Ted is a total professional. When I had problems with a copyright, another attorney referred me to him and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge as well as his ability to tell me what my options were in plain English. I was really reluctant to hire a lawyer because I thought it would cost me a fortune, but Ted resolved my problem for way less than I would have thought possible. If I ever have a problem again, I’m calling Ted.

Michael H.


I needed to have my business name trademark registered and I literally didn’t know where to begin. There are services that charge very little to register a trademark but I learned that they are often useless if there is a problem and there was definitely a problem with my application. After finding Ted and filling him in on what I had already done, he told me not to worry and they he could easily fix the problem. Not only did Ted quickly fix the problem, he got our registration back on track and it was approved in less time than I expected. I learned that the cheapest option is not always the best option. For only a slightly higher price I felt like I got a very knowledgeable attorney and world class service. I would definitely recommend Ted.

Natalia S.


I like Ted, I trust Ted, and I know him to be one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in his field.

Tom M.


Ted is hands down the best attorney I’ve ever worked with. I hired him when our trademark was being infringed by a competing company. He was professional, intelligent, always responsive and got us an outstanding resolution! We have hired him many times since on business related matters, from contract review and drafting to corporate compliance issues. I recommend Ted 100% without reservation. We look forward to continuing to work with Ted in the future.



Ted is a true professional in his field. It is always a pleasure working with him and gaining his expertise in many areas. I would refer him to anyone!



Ted handled my trademark application with diligence and helpfulness. I was surprised at how quickly things went after I followed his directions. Ted was patient and informative throughout the process and delivered on every promise in a timely and professional manner. Whenever I want trademark or copyright help, I’ll go to Ted. I have recommended him to colleagues and will continue to recommend his excellent services to all.

Riles P. Riley


I own an Oregon based distillery and when we discovered that another company that makes beer was using our name, we started researching our options. After reading an article that Ted wrote, I called him and he started representing us in short order. After he sent out a cease and desist letter there was considerable push back by the brewery but thanks to Ted they agreed to stop using our name and surrender their websites to us, since they used our name. This was a 100% win as far as I’m concerned. Ted also helped us protect our name for the future. Ted did a phenomenal job and I would love to work with him again if the need arises.

Michael S.


We are a company located outside the United States. We are a distributor of products for sale via the internet. When we were sued in Utah for trademark infringement, I contacted our attorney who told us to contact Ted. I was delighted to learn that Ted speaks French, our primary language. After I explained the case to Ted, he had some excellent ideas on how the lawsuit should be defended against. The opposing party took a difficult position but Ted didn’t back down and ultimately we settled the case for very favorable terms. If we ever need a lawyer in the US again, I will be calling Ted. I recommend Ted, particularly on commercial, trademark or international disputes.

Kam M.


Ted is simply the best! I originally hired him to give me advice on how to protect my music and myself in contracting with others, then I hired him to copyright an album for me and when I later discovered someone was using my songs, Ted had my back. He took immediate action and not only got them stop using my songs but also got a sizable settlement for me. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a smart, capable lawyer in my corner. I will happily hire Ted again and recommend him to anyone else who wants to be smart and protect themselves. Thanks again Ted! You’re the best!



My company had a very difficult intellectual property dispute in federal court and Ted was a champ! Not only did he explain every issue fully and in a way I could clearly understand he was incredibly knowledgeable (I can see why he teaches this subject) and skilled in the way he approaches resolving disputes. The opposing party and their lawyers were difficult but Ted always kept his cool and stuck to the facts and law and pushed forward to trial. I believe that we only received a very favorable settlement in our IP lawsuit because of Ted’s skill and tenacity. We have already hired him again to redraft our licensing agreements. So whether it’s litigation or transactions I would recommend Ted without reservation.



Ted was very helping in consulting me on a matter of copyright infringement concerning garment design. He spoke with me about my rights, and what steps I could take regarding the matter, prior to taking any action. When the time came to hire him, I felt very confident what my retainer was allocating, and what steps he was taking to help me. He was informative during the process, so I never felt in the dark or confused about any details of my case. In the end, everything sorted itself out well.



Ted’s work was both efficient and very well done. I would happily recommend him for the types of services he rendered me (business and intellectual property).



I have a small clothing business and Ted counseled me when I had a trademark infringement concern. I ended up not needing to take legal action, but I was very grateful for his advice.



Ted was hired by me to get a trademark for my small self-publishing business. He did extensive research to make sure no other company was using this name. He went to court and proved the case that my firm is the only one of that name devoted to publishing music. Excellent.



Ted helped us with the formation of our company was very easy to work with. He took the time to make sure all our legal bases were covered in our paperwork both with the state and clients. The only time we’ve had an issue, Ted worked doggedly to get us what we deserved and resolve the legal problem. I highly recommend Ted.



I endorse this lawyer. Ted is a highly experienced lawyer with a particularly strong background in protecting intellectual property.

Fellow lawyer in community

I’ve hired Ted a few times now for everything from Trademark registration to sending a cease and desist letter to helping set up my business and then a business contract dispute. I have always been happy with how well Ted treats me and makes sure that I am informed fully and understand my options. I will absolutely continue to use Ted in the future and recommend him to anyone else needing a lawyer.

Beth O.


I work in the tech industry and I’ve known Ted for many years now and had the pleasure of working with him several times. He is intelligent, thoughtful and always sensitive to speak to non-lawyers in terms they can understand. He is always working to resolve clients’ problems with a minimum of costs. Ted is simply the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. If you have a legal problem, I highly recommend that you contact Ted for help.

Kate H.


Ted helped me when no one else would take my case. I’ve never seen someone work so hard for me. Ted really cares about his clients and went out of his way to make sure I was well protected and that my rights were enforced. Ted understood that I was not use to the legal system and he made a very difficult situation a lot better. If I ever needed a lawyer again, I will be calling Ted.

Debbi D.


I needed a lawyer for my business on a contract dispute and Ted was recommended to me. I found him to be very professional and really know his area. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone.

Jamie O.


I needed to register the trademark of my production company and a friend recommended I contact Ted. He did an awesome job. Despite questions from the USPTO regarding my name Ted got it approved. Thanks Ted! If anyone needs to register their trademark, they should contact him.

Roman S.


Ted is the guy I would go to for any questions on intellectual property and business law. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work.

Urisna Teuscher


We’ve worked with Ted to formulate our company contracts and protect our growing photography business. Ted is detail-oriented and willing to jump in head first to projects he’s hired for.

Wendy Epner


Ted is a stand up guy. His moral fabric is impeccable and his sense of justice and his willingness to help those in need make him an excellent resource for those requiring his assistance. I have know Ted for twenty years and call him one of my best connections. I often phone him just to discuss contemporary issues because I know the conversation will be enlightening. Ted has the unique ability to relate to all sides of the issue and very resistant to the formation of biased opinions. I value my relationship with Ted and recommend his work to others.

Kevin Gibbs


Ted provides specialized legal service to clients needing copyright or trademark protection for their intellectual property. As a small business attorney, it is helpful for me to know other lawyers who provide superior service for a reasonable price. Ted offers flat fee pricing which gives clients certainty about their legal expenses. I highly recommend Ted for copyright and trademark work and will continue to refer clients to him.

James M. Hillas


I have known Ted personally for over 15 years, having first met him when he was donating his time and talents with St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir. Ted’s good deeds have not been limited to his work as an attorney though. Ted has always been eager to help others. He regularly volunteered to assist the church with school events and other functions. Ted regularly gave of himself, in his time, talents as well as giving of his worldly possessions when it would make other’s lives easier. I know that Ted regularly opens his home to out of town guests, with no compensation, simply to live a life full of charity. Ted also gives of himself to the community through participation in drop-out pretension programs and work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and other charities. Ted is a good, trustworthy, honest, ethical and dignified man. I stand behind Ted without any reservation.

Archbishop John Vlazny


I was shocked one day when I received a letter saying that I was being sued for copyright infringement along with over 600 other people. I immediately went to see a lawyer, but after I told him about what was happening he said, “you need to call Ted. He is the expert on these cases.” That was the best advice I’d ever gotten. After I called Ted and he told the case, he immediately filed papers to have the case dismissed against me. Within a matter of months, not only did he get the case dismissed against me, but also against most of the other defendants. I was so worried before I hired Ted and he really put my mind at ease. I would happily hire Ted again if I had the need for a lawyer.

Joanne R.


We needed a lawyer badly. Someone who we had a commercial dispute with bought domain names on the internet under our personal names and started posted really terrible stuff about us and links to pornography. It was so much stress. A friend suggested we call Ted and after we told him what happened he was so outraged by what he heard, he started work that very day. Within the week he had sent out cease and desist demand letters to not only the guy doing this but the web hosting companies and internet service providers in an effort to get the domains released to us. In no time, Ted had secured the domains for us and had any objectionable material removed. We were lucky to find Ted and wholeheartedly recommend him.

Jerry & Cathy B.


I know Ted very well in both a professional and personal capacity. I was admitted to practice law in Washington in 2007, and since then I have worked with Ted on many cases, doing research and writing memos and briefs. My professional experience while working with Ted have been extremely rewarding. My experience has been that Ted is smart, dedicated, and extremely ethical. I would be honored to continue to work with him.

Matt R.


We are a film production company who needed a variety of agreements drafted for a production, from crew, actor, writer and director agreement to releases to film financing agreements. Ted did a great job tailoring all these agreements to our special needs. He was extremely easy to work with and we hope that we can work with him again. We absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer, particular those in the creative fields.

Rouge Satellite


I hired Ted to register several trademarks for me and register several copyrights. He did a great job and was extremely easy to work with. I really appreciate him keeping me up to date on the status of my applications. When it comes to trademarks and copyrights, Ted is the only attorney I’ll use.

Ann I.


I have never hired a lawyer before but a friend referred me to Ted and I was so happy that he did. Ted took care of me and my case and really helped eliminate a ton of worry I had about the case. He really made it as painless as possible and in the end, I loved the result. I would happily recommend him to anyone needing a good lawyer.

Patricia R.


We needed a trademark lawyer for a lawsuit that was filed against our business and none of the lawyers in our town handled that kind of work, so one of them recommended Ted. As soon as we talked to him and he explained our options we wanted him representing us. While, we understand that these cases can take a long time to resolve and be very expensive, Ted resolved the case against us in only few months and with a minimum of expenses to us. If we ever need a lawyer again, we are calling Ted.

Yan Z.


I had a contractual dispute with my employer, which is never a good thing. Ted was great. He was sensitive to that fact that I wasted to get the dispute resolved but I still wanted to work there. He was extremely careful to assert my position but not to burn any bridges. I was extremely pleased with the results he obtained and I highly recommend him.

Kathleen L.


Ted helped us write our trusts when we started our family. We have known him for years before that as a friend, and he is easy to work with and get along with. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and can be counted on to maintain professional integrity at all times.

Andrea Jones, MBA, MS, PMP


I am in the consultation process with Ted and plan on utilizing his services in the near future for many of my projects needing trademark status. His approach is very down to earth, and he goes well beyond the call of duty to suggest strategic ideas for making best use of your trademarks and especially copyright methods.

Ryan Dwyer


I have known Ted for several years and have always known him to be reliable, ethical, and knowledgeable. He readily works long hours when necessary, never shirks on a commitment, and will relentlessly stand up for clients and friends. I recommend him and his services without reservations.

Emily Medley


I hired Ted to draft the LLC agreement for my chiropractic practice when I first started in 2007. He gives great attention to detail, is very knowledgeable in the area of business law, and handled my account with punctuality and precision. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start a new business, or improve upon their existing business’ legal structure.

Dr. Seth Alley, DC, CCSP, CKTP


I have known Ted for quite some time now and I know him to be an intelligent, patient, creative and hard working attorney who takes the time to educate people on his recommendations.

Lila Donnolo


Ted is an amazing bull dog of a lawyer. If you need attorney that gets the job done right, Ted is the man for you. Ted is extremely knowledgeable and understands the complexity of any legal need. If my chips were down I would definitely want Ted in my corner.

Stephen Busateri


Ted was very proficient and resolved my issue without having to file a suit. I have also worked with him and found him knowledgeable and a creative thinker.

Karen F. Greene


I hired Ted after I got into a dispute about a complex contract. He did a great job and I would be happy to work with him again.

Chris S.


I was in a difficult position with few options but after I hired Ted I felt a lot better. He spelled out several options that I had not thought about and he worked tirelessly to resolve a dispute I was in and when it was finally resolved I was really pleased. I suggest that anyone needing a lawyer talk to Ted.

Gary B.


I was in the middle of multiple disputes with multiple companies when I met Ted. After I explained the situation, he took my cases. After asserting counterclaims against these companies, not only did I not owe anything, Ted obtained sizeable damages for me. I really appreciate the work Ted did and I recommend him without reservation.

Stephanie M.


Ted represented our construction company in a contentious contract dispute. I was impressed by Ted’s knowledge and skill in litigating our case and presenting our position both in and out of court in such a way that it minimized our costs and ultimately helped us obtain a very positive outcome. I recommend Ted without reservation and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

John O.


Our business was being sued for copyright infringement and I read an article that Ted had written about the same subject. When I called him, he was extremely professional and explained all my options in easily understood terms. After I hired him, he was great. He always kept us informed and made sure that we understand what our options were and that the ultimate decisions were ours regarding what to do about the case. We followed his recommendations and got the case settled for less than we thought we could. Ted is a super nice guy, a very knowledgeable lawyer and joy to work with.

Christine B.


My business was in a commercial dispute over the delivery of a large, very expensive piece of equipment. I could not afford for the dispute to drag on for very long and Ted was extremely sensitive to that. He obtained both the equipment and a sizable discount for us in less time than I thought possible. Thank you Ted! We would recommend him to anyone.

Kathleen R.


We are a broadcasting group with radio stations throughout the US. After we obtained a judgment against an advertiser, Ted registered the judgment in Oregon where the advertiser was located. The advertiser disputed the judgment on constitutional grounds but Ted did a marvelous job and prevailed for us. We recommend him without reservation.

Beasley B.


If you have an intellectual property or business law matter that you need assistance with, call Veritas Business Law, LLC today!