Experienced Attorney Helping Resolve Intellectual Property Issues for Portland Clients

At Veritas Business Law, LLC we represent Portland area clients in intellectual property (IP) matters and all manner of business transactions and disputes. We provide authoritative expertise and supportive guidance at affordable rates. We’ll represent you to protect your IP at any stage of your trademark or copyright process, from pre-registration to registration, surveillance, licensing and enforcement of your rights under the law.

We also have extensive experience representing individuals and companies in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re involved with film, music, television or publications, we handle everything from contract drafting/review and negotiation to IP licensing, rights acquisition, issues pertaining to financing, liability protection and employment-related issues.


Your business name, domain name, product names, slogans, and logos make you unique and are your trademarks. If properly maintained, the protection you provide to these and other trademarks can be perpetual. At Veritas Business Law, LLC we help Portland clients navigate the full process involved in protecting your trademarks completely. This includes initial trademark search; state, federal and international registration; any action and opposition proceedings; surveillance; renewal; and if necessary, protection of your rights via enforcement and litigation.


If you’re a creator who strives to have people pay for your creations, copyrights are an invaluable part of your business. You hold a copyrights on your creations that let you control who uses it and how it’s used. But to fully protect your work and stop others from using it without permission, you need to register and enforce your copyrights. Our firm can guide you through the process of registration, licensing and assignment, protection and litigation against infringement.

Helping Businesses and Creatives With Trademarks and Copyrights

Portland’s business and creative communities are some of the most dynamic and innovative in the world. Protecting that innovation legally is key to sustaining success, and Veritas Business Law, LLC has two decades of experience in representing the IP rights of business owners and creatives.

Veritas Business Law, LLC is ready to help guide you through any and all trademark and copyright procedures in the Portland area. If you need intellectual property attorney services right away, call our office today at (503) 207-0205 to schedule a free consultation.